Why Pave Your Driveway?

1. A Paved Driveway Increases the Resale Value of your Home

Home buyers tend to judge homes before they even step inside based on their curb appeal, which can greatly influence their overall impression of the home. For example, many potential home buyers feel that a gravel driveway looks messy, unfinished, and high-maintenance. While a gravel driveway may not prevent you from finding a buyer, why turn off a sizable portion of the market? Upgrading to a clean, new, paved driveway can dramatically raise the curb appeal and resale value of your home.


2. A Paved Driveway Requires Less Maintenance

Paved driveways are significantly easier to maintain than gravel or dirt roads. Gravel and dirt driveways are constantly shifting and creating divots, hills, and empty spaces. An asphalt driveway is largely trouble-free. With a little maintenance every few years, to include seal coating and crack filling (if necessary), your paved driveway can easily last up to 25-35 years.

3. A Paved Driveway Will Save you Time and Money

Paved driveways will save you hundreds of dollars and hours of cleaning. Driving across a gravel driveway kicks up clouds of rocks, dirt, dust, and debris. This is especially noticeable during the drier months, but can create mud during the rainy season. Keeping your car and the exterior of your home clean can be a lot more challenging when you have a gravel driveway. You might also track dirt and debris into your home, creating the need to vacuum and mop more frequently. By contrast, a paved driveway allows dust and dirt to settle. You are not likely to need a car wash every time you leave your house along a paved driveway, even on the driest days.


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“We are very grateful for the work done at our house and the extra work done at my son’s house. You and your family have built an excellent business.”

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Thank you for doing a great job on the driveway, I am so pleased! Everyone worked so hard to complete the job in two days. Fantastic Work!

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